How Can You Start Your E-Commerce Business Earn Money Online

How Can You Start Your E-Commerce Business And How Can You Earn Millions Money From E-Commerce Business


Hello Friends Today’s Article Is Going To Be Amazing Because, In Today’s Article, I Am Going To Tell You About I Am Going To Give You A Step-By-Step Guide On How Can You Start Your E-Commerce Business And How Can You Earn Millions From E-Commerce Business In This Article, Will First Understand The Definition Of E-Commerce After That How An

  • E-Commerce Business Is Planned?
  • How The Registration Is Done?
  • How Can You Design A Website?
  • How Will You Implement Payment Options?
  • How Will You Find And Finalize The Logistic Partners?
  • How The Marketing Is Done?

And Last But Not The Least And The Very Important, How The Marketing Is Done So That You’ll Be Able To Expand Your Business In Partnership You’ll Get Knowledge And Tools And You Can Get It Done By Your Friends And Family So First Will Understand What E-Commerce Is. E-Commerce Means Electronic Commerce Buying Or Selling Of Products And Services Electronically. Buying Or Selling I Will Start With

A Basic Example What Was Done Earlier?

Earlier There Were Manual Rickshaws In Which The Driver Had To Paddle All-Day Whether It Was A Sunny Day, Summer, Or It Was Raining. After That, Two People Can Sit On It. There Was Also A Safety Issue In This And We May Get A Rickshaw Sometime And Sometime We Don’t Now “E” Is Added To The Rickshaw. E-Rickshaw Is Introduced There Is A Motor And Battery In This. So That The Driver Has To Work Less He Got A Cover Now, and He Is Safer In The Sun And Rain. Four People Can Sit Instead Of Two. There Is More Safety And Comfort. And There Is No Difficulty In Finding It. As You Can Book An E-Rickshaw So There Is An “E” With Rickshaw And Smart Work Is Added With Hard Work. In The Same Way, Earlier, The Businesses that Used To Be Offline Were Bring Clothes From Raju’s Shop And Bring Laddoos From Chotu’s Shop. I Remember There’s Amritsari Chola Masala In Amritsar. I Used To Like It A Lot. Whenever We Went To Buy It, We Used To Wait A Lot. Sometimes When We Reached, The Stock Was Sold Out, And Sometimes There Happened To Be A Long Queue.

On Today’s Date, I Order It From My Home And The Next Day I Get Amritsari Chola Masala At My Home. Today, Businesses Can Sell Products With The Use Of Technology, And Consumers Can Buy A Product On Their Cell Phones From Home. Hard Work Is Combined With Smart Work.


If We See, Then E-Commerce Isn’t Just A Career Opportunity Or Income Opportunity E-Commerce Is A Very Big Human Revolution In Itself Think Once Between Breaks In The Office, Sitting On A Bus Seat, Or Sitting In A Bedroom Sitting At A Pot In The Washroom, You Can Order Products And Services You Don’t Have To Worry About The Crowd You Don’t Have To Worry About The Payment And Change You Just Have To Make An Online Payment. The Product Is Delivered To Your Home. So We Understood The Outside World Of E-Commerce Now We Will Talk About The Business Behind This. If You Want To Start An E-Commerce Business If You Want To Establish Your Online Store Or Make Offline Stores Into Online Stores. Then You Should Know If There’s Any Scope Or Not.

In 2021, In Comparison To 2020 E-Commerce Showed A Growth Of 77% Globally. In India, It Is Growing By 51% Every Year. And Why Will It Not Be Increased? Ecommerce, In A Way, For You, Your Website Is Like A Salesman For You 24×7 Which Is Working For You Around The Clock. You Are Sleeping, But People Are Visiting Your Site, Seeing Your Product, and Buying Your Product You Are On A Vacation But Your Website And Business Are Running. And Let Me Tell You A Fact That Till 2040 95% Of Businesses Will Be Online. It Means All The People Who Are Watching This Article, For You, This Is An Action Moment. You Know That A Very Big Opportunity Is Waiting For You. If You Understand This Opportunity, If You Take Action In This Then How Will Be The Future? How Much Income You Can Generate? How Much Profit You Can Generate? You Can Create Job Opportunities. You Can Provide Jobs To People. You Can Make An Impact by Building A Powerful Business You Can Fulfill Your Dreams And The Dreams Of The People Related To You. So These Are The Scopes You Have Confidence In Its Scope If You Are Interested In The E-Commerce Business. So Let’s Go To The Next Chapter How To Plan Your Business? First There Comes A Business Plan. And To Make A Business Plan It Should Be Clear To You What Your Product Is. What Do We Want To Sell? Do We Want To Sell A Physical Product? Like We Want To Sell Any Garments We Want To Sell Hankies, We Want To Sell Shoes, Or The Charging Wire Of The Mobile. Physical Product Or Virtual Product. Virtual Product Means The Digital Product Somebody Wants To Sell Coaching Or E-Book Or Software.

How To Decide On Your Product?

I’ll Give You Some Quick Tips. Either You Already Have A Product, I Have A Business, I Manufacture This Product Or Sell This Product. Everything’s Sorted In This Situation. You Can Take It Online. The Second Option Is That When You Don’t Have A Product. In That Case, You Can Talk To A Wholesaler That I Have An Interest In Digital, You Have Business You Have Products. I Will Do The Digital Sites And E-Commerce. Or You Can See It At Your Local Level If Handicrafts In Your Area Are Famous Or Some Pickles Are Very Famous, Some Spices Are Very Famous Their Wholesale Is In Your City. You Can Take It And Sell It Digitally. The Third Way Can Be Some People Are Good At Manufacturing And Aren’t Good At Marketing. So They Are Manufacturing And You Can Take The Product From Them And Label Them As Yours Which Is Also Called White Labelling. And You Can Market That Product. Many Businesses Are Good At Manufacturing And Many Businesses Are Good At Selling. This Is Called White Labelling. So You Can Do It. The Fourth Way, I Don’t Have Investment To Label Or I Can Wholesale, You Can Plan Your Digital Product. You Can Plan An E-Book Or Online Coaching Or You Can Plan A Software. And The Fifth Way, Is Very Important. For An Entrepreneur, A Product Doesn’t Need To Be Manufactured. He Has To Think About How To Align The Products. For Example, You Know A Very Good Teacher And He Teaches Very Well. You’ll Say To Him That Your Teaching Is Good, You Focus On Your Teaching And I’ll Focus On The Business Side. We’ll Take It Online. Your Coding Is Very Good So Make Apps I Have An Interest In The Selling Part So I’ll Sell It. In This Way, You’ll Not Be Restricted And You Can Do Partnerships With Many People. And You’ll Be Able To Build Your E-Commerce.


When Your Product Will Be Final Or If Your Product Is Already Finalized Then I Am Giving You A Blueprint. Before Starting Any Business, First, We Should Make A Business Plan It Was Common At The Time Of Our Grandparents, Started A Business, Some Were Successful And Some Weren’t. But Today’s Generation Should Go With The Plan. I Am Giving You A Blueprint. After Reading This Guide And Finalizing Your Product Then Grab A Sheet And Write Down Your Name On It.

Put The Date And Write The Name Of Your Business Or What Will It Be?

  • What Are My Product And Target Audience?
  • To Whom do I want to Sell?
  • What Is My Business?
  • What Purpose Does It Solve?
  • And Till Which Date Will I Be Able To Get Results In This?
  • And Which Thing Is Needed To Be Done To Establish My Business?

Register Your Business:

If We Talk About The Registration Then You Can Register Your Business In Four Ways. A Sole Proprietorship Can Be A Partnership Firm It Can Be A Private Limited Company Or Limited Liability Partnership In The Starting, If You Are Starting Alone Then You Can Start As A Sole Proprietorship. Sole Proprietor Means Starting The Business Alone. There’s Only One Owner Of The Business. There Isn’t Much Documentation Involved In This. There Aren’t Many Formalities. You Can Start Your Business Quickly And On The First Day. After That, Along With The Need When Your Business Starts Growing, You Can Expand The Business As Per Your Need. When There’ll Be Growth Then You Can Hire A CA. You Can Discuss It With A CA. But If There’s Involvement Of A Partner Then You Can Register A Partnership. If Investors Are Getting Involved If People Want To Invest In Your Business, You Can Set Up A Private Limited Company. And In The Beginning, GST Is Not Mandatory. You Can Take It As Per Your Wish. It’s Not Mandatory You Can Take GST After The Sale Of 20 Lakh Rs. I Am Saying That You Can Do Many Things With Growth. In The Same Way, If You’ve Got A Digital Product, E-Book, Virtual Product, Or An Electronic Product. So There Are Not Many Requirements If You Have A Food Product Then You’ll Need A License If You have A Medical Product Then Many Licenses Are Needed. So It Depends On Your Product. It Depends On The Type Of Business. If You Are Manufacturing Or Launching Your Brand Then A Trademark Is Necessary. Then Nobody Will Steal Your Name. So Trademark Is Also Applied On This. But You Can Start With The Sole Proprietor And When The Business Starts Growing, Keep Discussing With The CA And Keep Expanding The Things. Doors Will Open And We Will Keep Moving. Now A Very Important Path For An E-Commerce Business Where Will People See The Product? Where Will They Choose, Buy And Make Payment? And From Where Will You Sell Your Product? At Your Shop This Means Your Website. You Know Building A Website Is Very Difficult. But I Remember A Boy Said To Me That I’ll Make A Girlfriend But Building A Website Is Difficult. But Honestly, Website Development Can Be A Job Of 10 Minutes. For This, You Just Need Two Things. The First One Is Domain And The Other One Is Hosting.


Logistics Part: 

Now Let’s Understand Logistics New Chapter Logistics How Will Our Goods Reach The Customer? Now We Moved On To Logistics Logistics Means Delivering Your Product To The Customer Especially If We Have Physical Products Business Like Mobile Or Wire Garments Or Any Other Physical Product Any Handcraft Or Spices So How Will It Reach The Customer?

The Customer Has Placed An Order, Now How Do We Deliver So Here Logistics Comes Into Action I Say Again And Again We Have To Start From Day One On The First Day, You Can Pack The Product Yourself And Call The Courier. Or You Can Go To The Courier, Our Product Starts Reaching The Customer Don’t Wait For Anything. I Did The Same Thing Initially When I Launched My Book, We Were Packing And Couriering Our Books Must Reach People. But Gradually We Always Have To Go With The Experts. Like We Didn’t Need Coding And A Designer To Make A Website But We Used Expert Tool A Businessman To Save His Time And Used Expert Tools And Quickly Built The Site, Similarly For Payment Gateway Instead Of Tie-Up With Each Bank We Tried Up The Payment Gateway All Banks Came To Our Site. You Can Do The Same Thing With Logistics Don’t Take The Courier’s Headache Where Did The Courier Reach, Tracked Or Not How To Handle, How To Deliver You Can Tie-Up With The Logistic Partners. There Are Various Logistics Partners In India Delhivery, Shiprocket, Fedex, Bluedart, DHL, Expressbees, and Ekart You Can Tie Up With A Logistic Partner According To Your Area And Their Pricing. And Among These Partners, Of Them Will Give You A COD Service. This Means Cash On Delivery. They Will Deliver Your Product To The Customer. They’ll Take Cash From The Customer And Will Take Some Fees From You And Return The Money To You.


Now A Very Important Part Of Your Business And My Favourite Part Is Marketing. We’ve Made A Website And We Have A Product Now Marketing Is Very Important For Selling The Product. First, You’ll Do It And The Other One Will Be Done By Our Parents Because They Are Proud That Our Son Or Daughter Has Made A Website Please Check Out The Website. So This Was The Initial Marketing Which Will Be Done Automatically. You Will Also Tell Some Of Your Friends On Whatsapp, And Inform Your Close Ones And You Should Do It. Be Proud Of Your Business. Don’t Be Shy About What People Will Say. Be Proud Of Your Business. Put It On Whatsapp Story, And Inform People On Whatsapp Groups. Your Relatives And People Around You Should Know What You’ve Done. If You Are Not Feeling Proud Of Your Business And Not Telling People About It Then Then How The People Will Tell Others? So You Can Do The First Step. Now The Second Thing, I Will Tell You Again Not To Wait For Anything. Crores Of Rupees Are Less For Spending On Marketing You Can Bring Shahrukh Khan And Sponsor IPL Also. But In The Initial Days When We Don’t Have Investment, If The Circumstances Are Like We Want To Do Hard Work But We Don’t Have Money We Have A Very Good And Important Tool For Hardworking People And That Is Social Media, Youtube, Etc. How Are We Connected? How Are You Connected With Me? How Am I Able To Circulate My Message To You? Via Youtube, Instagram, Or Facebook. You Can Also Do The Same Thing. For Reaching The Audience Related To Your Product Upload Articles, Posts, Tutorials, And Benefits Related To The Product Start Posting Content On Youtube And Start Posting On Social Media. You Don’t Need Millions Of Subscribers On Day One. You Just Need The Audience For That Product. Even If There Are Fewer Followers, Viewers, And Subscribers There Should Be Your Audience So That Your Business Will Start Growing. So You Don’t Have To Wait For Anything On Day One. Use The Power Of Social Media, Use The Power Of Youtube to Do The SEO Of Your Website. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Write It In Such A Way, Write Blogs And Keywords In Such A Way That If Someone Searches On Google Then Your Website Will Show Up. You May Have To Do It By Yourself In The Beginning And You Should Do It By Yourself In The Beginning, You Shouldn’t Wait But Afterwards, You Can Hire Agencies And Interns For This. Hire Social Media Managers. A Businessman Should Delegate Everything At The End And Move Forward. As The Business Starts Growing, Start Doing Paid Marketing The Ads, Hire Influencers, Do The Influencer Marketing, Put The Hoardings On The Road Sponsor IPL, But Don’t Wait To Start. You Can Use Social Media, Youtube And SEO, Etc From Day One. I Will Close The Marketing Chapter With One Line: There Are Many Examples In Front Of You Who Used The Power Of Social Media And Achieved The Heights Of Success. This Is Your Choice And You Have To Take The Decision. If I Can Do It Then Why? If I Can’t, Then Why? I Always Say That The People Who Watch The Article Till The End Are Serious About Doing Something Serious In Their Life And Moving Forward. For That, Praise Yourself From My Side. I Hope This Article Will Be Useful For You. Whatever I’ve Shared With You In This Article I Shared A Blueprint In This Article, Shared A Tutorial, And Provided Links, Names, And References You Can Watch The Article Again And Understand It More Precisely.