How to Sell Product on Amazon for Beginners in 2023 (Best Idea)

Amazon is a popular platform for both the seller and the buyer. To deal with the growing demand of sellers, it has introduced its FBA service. This service gives vendors the powerful distribution network on the platform and the customer base the opportunity to make their business dreams a reality. For retailers, this is the most popular choice on the platform.

FBA means “fullness by Amazon” which means Amazon will save your products in Amazon Inventory, fill your orders and offer customer service. If you want to use the Amazon FBA service you will need to create an Amazon Seller account and add FBA to your account. It is important to set up your business in compliance with the website guidelines.

Create your product list and inventory or integrate your Inventory data on the Amazon platform. Prepare products to supply and send your products to the Amazon warehouse. When the customer gives the order, the Amazon FBA will fill the order and send all the required shipping and tracking information to the customer. 24/7 Customer Service is available for both the seller and the customer.

As a seller, you will be free from processes connected to inventory, packing, and shipping orders. This system means it is quite easy for you to start. Amazon’s strong FBA model supports and allows you to scale your business worldwide. Also, if you are an Amazon FBA vendor, you are eligible for free shipping at $ 25 (book) and $ 49 (all other items).

You also qualify for the Amazon Prime program which will give customers unlimited free free-day shipping or free one-day shipping service. Amazon’s FBA fee is rather affordable than the other order fullness center. More, you have been allowed to sell on various channels with the Amazon FBA program. You can sell on eBay, your e-commerce store, and other markets in addition to Amazon.

How much do you need to start selling on Amazon?

It depends on many different factors but if you have a small amount of money (less than $ 500), you can source some products and start an Amazon FBA business. Start with a separate account and then upgrade to a Pro account when your sales start to increase. Finding a profitable product is the original and then rewrite your profit.

How can you start an Amazon FBA business?

This article details this article in detail and runs through all the important steps to become a successful Amazon FBA seller. If you start your business, you’re in the right place to know more about an Amazon FBA business. Let’s start

1. Create a business plan:

To start an Amazon FBA business, you must have a plan to ensure everything is the right way. A business plan should include your business mission, market analysis, products and services, marketing and sales, financial plans, etc.

You need to know a lot. You have to research the market, test the trends, know your competitors, and find out what kind of products you want to sell, and how much you want to spend on product sourcing, marketing, and promotion. Try to create a fair plan for your business schedule and relevant business activities.

2. Find your niche

To sell to Amazon FBA, you need to find a profitable place because it is important for your success. To do a profitable business, you need to do market research and find relevant trendy, and competitive products that are aligned with your emotions and interests.

Learn the trend of the product and study its emotional impact, practical value, visibility, and recognition. Try to find selling points or create a new trendy selling point to make it viral in the market. We strongly recommend that you do not involve seasonal and fragile products.

3. Start market research:

Once you determine your niche, you need to verify it in the market with market research. Keep the competitive sales track within a specified period. Tracking your competitors will give you a more realistic view of the market, niche, or division.

Another idea is to contact several suppliers or customers to know their feelings about the product; You can use a survey.

If you confirm that the sales number is consistent in the market, you can take your plan to the next step. In a stable market, you can proceed based on your plan.

4. Identify the product suppliers:

Once you have determined your niche, you need to find out your product supplier. There are several ways to find the supplier’s information. You can find suppliers in Aliexpress such as Alibaba and other B2B platforms. You will probably find a few potential suppliers. Get their contact information and other background information if possible.

You can search on Google or get in touch with suppliers at trade shows. Short with the supplier Trade shows are a great way for you to communicate and get to know their products. You can visit suppliers to find suppliers based on industrial distribution.

You need to contact these suppliers to find the best for you. Send the email, call the phone, and go with the suppliers. Try to avoid scammers and identify the best.

Learn about the product sample, price and minimum order amount (MOQ), order limit, product quality, shipping charge, and their capabilities.

Try to find out the alternatives and the terms of payment for your quote. Find the best for you; Please compress your options based on your requirements.

Remember to order samples so you can see the quality of the product. Check the product itself before you select your supplier or use a professional quality inspector.

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5. Please order

Once you choose your supplier, you need to give an order.

Generally, the first order should not be large. You can give a small order and use it to get the market examination and get relevant reactions from customers. This type of test is a great way to know the market with your products.

Be sure to avoid misunderstandings and keep in contact with your supplier regularly to get updated on product production updates. Try to keep the original specifications in black and white and be timely with any modifications.

You should inspect the quality of the product while giving an order. Try to visit the raw material, production line, and finished products before shipping.

6. Register an Amazon account.

If you don’t have an Amazon Seller Account, you must first register as an Amazon Seller account. There are two types of accounts available – distinct seller or pro seller. The price of the previous one is $ 0 per month but you will be charged about $1 for each item you sell on Amazon. The Pro seller includes more features and charges $ 39.99 per month. You can choose the type of account based on your business budget.

7. Create a Product List

You need to create a product list to add your item to the platform. There are many parts to making your list. You need to include cleaning and high-resolution pictures. Make sure your products are “main eligible” and enjoy free shipping options for Prime members. If you don’t have many items you can manually enroll. If you have too many items you can upload a spreadsheet so you have each item. Try to provide enough information about your product and make your product list attractive.

8. Manage your Inventory

Amazon FBA vendors should pay special attention to their inventory. Inventory level is very important. Try to handle and re-fill your inventory properly. It is essential for you to make sure that your product and sale are available for your product Inventory level and that you have enough to sell.

With the order, your inventory level will automatically reduce Amazon. Make sure your Inventory level will be updated regularly to show the availability of the item on your product list page. You can use a sophisticated system to integrate your sales and inventory data.

If you find that the item’s stock is going to end, try to change your marketing plan and order from the suppliers to re-fill in your Inventory level.

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9. Follow Customer Review

We know that customers may mention the reaction given by other buyers who have purchased the item before. Amazon Customer Review is important for your business. This is the credibility that you have created in your target customers.

This testimonial is social evidence for your business and product. As a result, you need to follow the buyer’s shopping experience so that they respond to them.

You have many ways to do it. You can write emails to customers to know their comments about your products and services.

You can create your social media account and try to get customers’ feedback on the social media platform.

Try to get more positive feedback to increase your sales and transformation.

10. Optimize the Product List

Monitor your sales performance and try to find out your business in the market. Optimize your product list to increase website traffic and increase sales.

Optimization should be a continuous process for Amazon vendors.

Start with keywords. Do the research and find relevant keywords and insert them in the title, features, and details of your product. Try to use the Amazon algorithm and make it effective for your business.

Keywow of your product The relevance of the part is important for the visibility and sale of your product. You can use the Google Keyword Planner to help identify your product keywords.

Pictures are also important. You have been allowed to use 5-7 pictures of the product from different angles and contexts and display the size, features, and designs of your product. Try to make it clean and attractive to the customers.

When the product feature comes, show the most important information that customers always want to know. Put yourself in buyers’ shoes, show the price of your product, and include the warranty and guarantee of your offers.

For the part of the description, try to use compulsory language to tell your story. Keep the sentence short and simple and make sure it is easily understood. If possible, use call-to-action words or phrases to increase sales and increase transformation.


FOR NEWCOMERS, Amazon FBA is a difficult task to start your own business. However, the above tips will help you find out the entire business process. If you are stuck in your sales, you can include some of them to increase your e-commerce business. Now, is the time to move on to you.


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