Workstation In Computer Science

Work Station:-

A workstation is a computer that uses more powerful and advanced technology than a personal computer.

Example: -IBM-1620, Dell precision T3500, HP Z820, IBM HC10 etc.

 Uses Of Workstation:-

1. Workstation computers can be used for very fast processing.

2. This type of computer is very useful for creating animations involving multimedia.

3. This type of computer can be used as a server in a client-server model network.

4. This type of computer is used in various scientific research engineering administration work.

(Characteristic Of Workstation) Characteristics of workstation:-

Workstations from printers are equipped with high-power and high-quality processors and graphics. In this type of computer, many terminals can be connected to the workstation.
Portable Computer:-

A portable computer is a portable computer that changes the size of a personal computer. Portable computers are usually high capacity. If these computers can be easily moved, the demand for such computers is very high. Different types of portable computers are:-

1. Laptop

2. Palmtop

3. Notebook

4. Pen Best Computer.


Laptops are the most popular of computers and are battery-powered and easily portable. Being small in size, computers can be carried on the lap. 

Example:- Toshiba C640, dell Inspiron, etc.

 Uses Of Laptop;-

1. Being easily portable, users can use this type of computer anywhere other than at home or office.

2. Laptops are used for product marketing.

  Characteristic Of Laptop:-

1. Laptops are small size easily portable battery powered.

2. Keyboard, mouse monitor, processor, and DVD/CD drive are located through one structure. 3. Laptops use high-performance processors and advanced technology graphics.

Notebook Computer:-

Computers smaller than laptops in size, weight, and like a small book are called notebook computers.

It is possible to work with a notebook computer anywhere for this kind of computer laptop like high quality microprocessor, advanced graphics and enough battery power. Notebook computers are sometimes called tablet-PCs.

Example: -HP G62-465DX, ACERONE 10 ATOM etc.

Palmtop Computer:-

The palmtop computer is a small computer designed to work in the palm of the hand.

Many times Palmtop computers are pocket calculators, so they can be carried in the pocket. Usually, word processors, speed, calendar, phonebook, database management, internet, etc. are installed and other software can be installed as needed. Commercial production of computers has almost ceased.

Example: – HP OmniGo 100, Atari portfolio etc.

 Pen-Based Computer:-

Pen-based computers are small computers that use light-sensitive and electric pens and electric writing pads instead of mice. A message or comment is given by a light-sensitive pen, and written on an electric pad. This type of writing is accepted as an input to the system through the Patent Gonison software. This type of computer is used for various official functions (such as insurance companies, sales representatives, etc.). .

Example: – HP touchsmart tx2z, QBE vivo etc.

 Difference Between Personal Computer and Laptop (Difference Between Personal Computer and Laptop):-

Personal computer Laptop
Such computers are large in size. Such computers are very small in size.
Not easily portable. Easily portable.
No need to charge. Charges are required.

Use of computers in modern society:-

Computers are closely related to human life today. The extensive use of computers can be seen directly or indirectly in all activities of daily life. The contribution of computers is summarized below:

In Education:-

The important role of computers in education is noteworthy. Different types of learning devices are very useful in all types of education. Through the internet system, it is possible to know all the information at a glance. Computers are also used in the preparation of mark sheet admit and registration card, evaluation of examination answer sheets through OMRA, various examinations through an online test, admission activities etc.

Science Research:-

The use of computers in various sciences (physics, chemistry, biology) has opened new horizons in the field of research. Computers are being used in research work in various fields of space and meteorology.

In the medical field:-

Diagnosis of the disease has become very easy through various tests including CT scan MRI (MRI). Besides, various types of operations are being performed perfectly through the computer system. In many cases, various types of complex operations are being completed very successfully through robots in computer systems.

In publishing or publication work:-

Computer systems have brought a revolutionary change in the publishing of magazines, newspapers, books etc. Along with writing through DTP or publishing, glossy images have improved the quality of publishing. Digital printing systems have increased the quality and speed of printing.

Trade Business Trade:-

Computer systems continue to play a very important role in business. Online business, share market, improved banking system etc. have increased the speed of business and commerce many times.

Communication system:-

Computer system plays a very important role in business and commerce. Letters or any kind of information are reaching from one country to another country in no time through email. Internet system plays an important role in communication. Through social networking it has become possible to communicate quickly with friends and relatives.

In the case of entertainment:-

The contribution of computers to entertainment is undeniable. It has become possible to create movies, cartoons, games etc. through multimedia, animation special effects, etc.

In case of administrative work:-

Computers have played a very significant role in administrative work.

Hard copies of all types of files can be scanned and stored in computer systems today. In the case of census census public welfare projects, it has been possible to reach the general population quickly in a relatively short period of time. Audio or video conferencing has made it possible to easily communicate with far-flung offices for administrative work.

 Data Processing (Data Processing)-

Computers are of immense importance in converting raw information or data into meaningful information through processing. In the case of various scientific research experiments etc. data can be converted into meaningful information by computer processing.

The latest CAD   or (COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN), or  CAM   (COMPUTER AIDED MANUFACTURING) etc. has increased speed and quality in industrial production.

Disadvantages and limitations of computers:-

Disadvantages of computer:-

Despite the many advantages, some disadvantages of using computers have been observed

Information Security and Cybercrime:-

Many times there is a possibility of data theft from the computer system and various types of cyber crimes are committed by misusing the internet system.

Initial Cost:-

The initial cost of setting up a computer system is high.

Skilled user required:-

Computer systems require skilled users to operate.


At present computer systems have been installed in all offices and courts, which has greatly reduced employment.

Physical problems

Excessive computer dependence leads to physical problems in many cases and makes games, chatting, etc. addictive.

 Computer limitations:-

1. Lack of general computer knowledge

2. Computers are still dependent.

3. Still unable to correct the computer error.

4. The correct program has to be written for the desired result.

5. Starting price is high.


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